The Science Behind an Event Set-Up

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Behind the oooohhs and aaaaahhs of a dazzling showcase of an event are the innumerable chuffs and gasps. To summarize and epitomize, it’s sheer plodding.

A systematic deconstruction of an event in a nutshell reveals the following.

1.    At the heart, lies the creative synergies and visual outflow that stem out the direction of an event. Spearheaded by the Wedding Planner, the theme, décor and set-up is conceptualized with the bride/groom.

2.   Next, is fine tuning the concept and then working out the details. Rarely, the whole concept needs to be scrapped, but should the need arise, its back to re-working on the whole concept and starting anew. Yes, s**t happens!!

3.     Further, the vendors are introduced - the echelons who command the inflow of men, material and resources responsible for elevating the trusses, distending the fabric and manning the movables. A constant exchange of dialogue ensues with the vendors to work out the details to cover every aspect from stage design to fabric to furniture to sound specifics….down to the last bulb. 

4.   Last, is to deploy the learning, understanding and wherewithal with professionalism on-site in executing an event that exceeds the expectations of the clients and enthralling their guests. 

To give a glimpse into the making of an event from ground zero the following shots taken by us at a recently concluded wedding reception of Rahul and Snigdha at the sprawling lawns of Babu Banarasi Das Badminton Stadium, Lucknow hope to narrate our point across. 

Here’s what happened 60 hours prior to the event...

So this summarizes all the hard-work behind the actual set up. Check out how the final setup looks like by clicking on the following link :

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