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So, your wedding day is around the corner and you are a bit tense. It’s only but natural. You need to co-ordinate with the wedding planner, make umpteen trips to your wardrobe designer, spend time with your relatives, plan your hen’s/bachelor’s party and then shop some more.

Brides and grooms-to- be are finding unconventional, useful and more enjoyable activities to elevate the build up to their wedding and taking out some much needed personal time. Introducing In-Home Cooking Classes.

Wouldn't it be great to expand your culinary repertoire before your wedding? Future brides and grooms are increasingly hiring a professional chef to prepare a fabulous dinner for their group at home, plus learning some fancy dishes that are bound to impress future in-laws.

A Western concept, that is steadily making inroads into the Eastern homes, In- house chefs can be hired for a day or for a cooking session who show you how to prepare succulent dishes using your own equipment and local groceries. You select the food which you would want to learn to prepare from an exhaustive menu and they teach you how to achieve success.

For every lesson you may choose one dish from each category of appetizers, entrées, side dish and dessert. Every dish you select will teach you a wide verity of culinary skills. Your cooking techniques will include chopping, dicing, cutting, searing, frying, whisking, baking and many others. This is a fun, easy way to learn new dishes without leaving your own home.

Aside from being home based, what makes this a bit different from other studio cooking classes is that, you also have an option to choose, create and decide on your own personalized menu. Its every favourite dish of yours you have been yearning to cook, now you can, but, only better and under a professional supervision. Since these sessions last for about two to two and a half hours, in-home cooking lessons usually aim to produce a single meal for every session.  

Let the eager cook in you look no further and bring home a professional chef who promises to demystify the French bistro or the Japanese teahouse in one class.

Bon appetite!

- Abhijit Shukla

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