What does a wedding planner know that a bride does not?

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There was a question posed by @TheBrideCircle – “What does a wedding planner know that a bride does not?”

Here are the insightful responses from professionals and industry experts around the globe –

Planning a wedding is like putting on a ‘broadway production’.  There is a big difference between who the star’s are [the bride and groom are in this instance] and who is the producer [US].  We are responsible for making sure that our vision comes off on time, on budget and wow’s the audience [the guests].

That said, we ask the questions the bride usually does not get to ask……What if it rains, do we have a back up plan? Can the band or DJ play overtime?  When is load in and when is load-out? How much power does the facility have?  Is there sufficient parking?  Does the venue have air-conditioning?  Can we serve chocolate souffle for 350 guests?

If you are sick, you go to the doctor,  if your dog is sick you go to the vet,  a problem with your car you see the mechanic – when it comes to your wedding, find a trusted wedding professional who will hold you by the hand and guide you while planning the wedding of  your dreams.

-          Colin Cowie

The wedding planner will be aware of all the gliches that can happen at a wedding. She has the experience of anticipating the disaster that might occur and will know how to deal with it. She also removes the stress and strain of this major event. Th wedding planner works closely with the vendors in terms of design, budget and rhythm of the event.”

-          Sylvia WeinStock


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