Theme Wedding Ideas to Get You Inspired

by YunaWeddings17. February 2013 22:19

The possibilities for a themed wedding are only limited by your imagination. Here are some out of box ideas.


Wedding Plans & Precious Bridal Tips

by YunaWeddings13. February 2013 22:29

Wedding plans: have you made yours yet? Is your wedding round the corner? If so then you need to get things rolling "now" to avoid any last minute hiccups that could spoil your wedding day. Read the article below and plan your wedding the perfect way.


The 7 Wedding Vows

by YunaWeddings10. February 2013 22:28

Wedding vows are promises each partner in a couple makes to the other during a wedding ceremony. Have a look at the 7 wedding vows;

  • The first step is taken to earn and provide a living for their household and family, and avoiding those things that might harm them.
  • The second step is taken to build their physical, mental, and spiritual powers and to lead a healthy lifestyles.
  • The third step is taken to earn and increase their wealth by righteous and proper means.
  • The fourth is taken to acquire knowledge, happiness, and harmony by mutual love, respect, understanding and faith.
  • The fifth step is taken to have children for whom they will be responsible and blessed with healthy, righteous, and brave children.
  • The sixth step is taken for self control and longevity.
  • The seventh step is taken to be true to each other, loyal and remain lifelong companions by this wedlock.


Fun Wedding Trivia

by YunaWeddings5. February 2013 22:49

Want to know about unusual and funny wedding trivia and facts? We have compiled the best ones below:

  1. The longest engagement on record was Adriana Martinez and Octavio Guillen, who were engaged for 67 years!
  2. Britain's oldest bride on record was only one day away from her 100th birthday when she married a man nearly 20 years younger.
  3. The oldest bride ever recorded was Minnie Munro, of Australia, who married at 102. She wed a "spring chicken" aged 82.
  4. The longest marriage on record is Sir Temulji Nariman and his wife Lady Nariman. They were married a total of 86 years. The two of them were only five years of age at the time of their wedding.
  5. The longest marriage recorded in Great Britain was 82 years in length. The lovely couple was James Burgess and his wife Sarah Ann.
  6. Richard and Carole Roble, from New York, have taken their vows 55 times. They are the record holders for the most number of vows taken. They have taken their vows in all 50 states.
  7. The largest mass wedding occurred in Seoul, Korea in 1992 when 21,000 couples from the Moonie cult were married on the same day. The event was also attended by another 9,800 couples who took their vows by satellite hook-up.
  8. The most expensive wedding on record had a bill for the reception of £22 million pounds. It was the wedding of a sheik's son. It was held in a stadium in Dubai and lasted for seven days.
  9. The most expensive wedding dress was an outfit created by French designer Helene Gainville. It's estimated to be worth a cool £3.5 million. The dress was embroidered with diamonds mounted on platinum.
  10. 30,000 people attended a Jewish wedding in Jerusalem in 1993, making it the largest wedding ever attended.
  11. The longest train for a wedding dress was from Germany. It measured 515 feet.
  12. Glynn Scotty Wolfe, a former Baptist minister, is on record as getting married the most times. He has taken 28 brides - and divorced 27 of them.


Bridal Guide: Top 13 Wedding Trends for 2013

by YunaWeddings4. February 2013 02:49

As a fresh year stretches before us, it's out with the old and in with the new, so if you're ringing in the New Year with sparkle on your finger, we'll continue to keep you on top of the trends in the upcoming year. 

Here are the top 13 wedding trends to look out for in 2013:


Wedding Quiz: Where should I go on my honeymoon?

by YunaWeddings28. January 2013 00:23

Having trouble deciding where to go on your honeymoon? Take this quiz to find out what popular honeymoon destination suits you best! Click on the link below.


Latest Trends : Indian Bridal Dresses

by YunaWeddings23. January 2013 21:44

Every woman wants to look beautiful so they use a variety of clothing for certain wonderful occasions. During the wedding season, women in use social outfits, also known as wedding outfits and it shows their social and cultural identification. Check out the latest trends in Indian wedding dresses here:


Test Your Engagement Ring IQ

by YunaWeddings16. January 2013 22:17

Do you know the difference between a marquise and an emerald cut? How big is too big? Take our quiz to find out if you’re ready to splurge on that rock. Click on the link and take the quiz:


Tradition of mock battles

by YunaWeddings7. January 2013 01:57

All over the world, there is a long tradition of mock battles to keep the groom away from the bride on their wedding day. For example, in Thailand, a groom often will find the entrance of the bride’s house roped off until he offers money to get through. In some nomadic tribes in Central Asia, a groom and his party would pursue his bride on horseback— as if she was riding away carrying a newly slaughtered lamb.


Deeper the henna colour

by YunaWeddings2. January 2013 22:55

An Indian bride applies henna or mehndi to her hands and feet before the wedding. The belief is that the deeper the final color the more she will be loved by her husband or some say, her mother-in-law. She is also forbidden from doing any housework as long as the color of the bridal mehndi remains on her hands, making the longevity of the henna all the more desirable!


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