Budgeted Bliss

by Rachna24. January 2013 22:43

How to organize a low-budget yet stylish wedding.

There was a time in the day of yore, where weddings, in their entirety were handled by the family and the community alone. There were no caterers, no designers, the venue was invariably the courtyard of the bride’s house and the clothes were stitched by the local tailor, if not the bride herself! Natural aids to beauty, simple rangolis and flowers as decorations, the ladies of the house handling the food...and the wedding was sorted. A simple, inexpensive era indeed!

With progress grew financial resources and in proportion did aspirations! Huge venues, five star catering, ostentatious gifts, orchids being flown in! The possibilities were endless and expensive.

But do we really have to spend so much for a memorable wedding? A better use of that money would be to spend it on a holiday and keep some away for a rainy day. As for the wedding....well some ideas to keep it simple, yet make it indelible!

Rituals and Revelry!

An Indian wedding is sure to have a number of pre and post wedding rituals and rites.
However, these do not necessarily need to be witnessed by a crowd of people.
They are best executed and enjoyed with close family and friends only. Keep the “must invite” lot for the Reception.

D Day
An option is to go for a civil ceremony and then throw a combined reception.
This way the wedding is registered from day 1, you manage to invite all those you want to and have to and the expense of hosting two enormous events is halved.

For the customary wedding ceremony too, it is best to hold the wedding and the reception on the same day
and share the expenses.

Choose a venue compatible to the weather. Typically,outdoor venues are more expensive.
However, for autumn weddings these are ideal as one does not need to cover too much area and it is not hot. Indoors are preferable for summer and winter weddings.

Use flowers in season and available locally. Candles, diyas, and rangoli---we have such am amazing variety to choose from. By merely changing the colours used, our venue can change from a traditional Indian gathering to a minimalist chic scenario. Marigold spells conventional, tuberoses can go contemporary.

The Menu!
Keep it simple and light. Light-because people invariably rue the heaviness and oiliness of wedding food.
Yes, some exotic options are advisable but too lavish a menu can be avoided. There is a limit to appetites!

The Outfit
Expensive designer outfits can be re-used only so far. It’s best to choose something that can be used over the years and easy to maintain. A better choice is to invest in the jewellery-an investment for life! Traditional sarees, lehengas, jodhpuri suits are ever green options.

The Gifts
Receiving and returning gifts is an integral part of weddings.
However, more often than not,one ends up receiving some completely unusable gifts.

If you are moving into your own home post the wedding, draw up a list of things you will need.
Share it with friends and family and they can choose what they will gift you. Makes it simpler for both parties!

The gifts for family members are also important. Typically in Indian weddings clothes are given out. However, other options could be pretty bed-covers or something to use in the house.
These serve more as a keepsake and do not have to be very expensive. Best to buy source the gifts from whole sale markets and shops. A bigger discount is negotiable and from the best names.

The Holiday After
This is the one aspect one should not sting on. The more luxurious the better...unless trekking in the Himalayas is your idea of a honeymoon! Planning and booking it in advance will ensure some discounts and deals. Other than that, it is best to head for your dream holiday and live it up!


An Autumn Wedding

by Rachna17. January 2013 22:09

Autumn brings to mind the myriad hues of shedding leaves-russet and ochre with hints of bronze and gold.
Their gentling rustling holds the promise of new beginnings.

The colours of autumn and the season itself are an idyllic setting for a wedding- an inception to happiness.
Auspicious and chic,the colours lend themselves well to the occasion.

An open space, decorated entirely with marigolds in various shades-deepest maroon to the palest
yellow. Off white paper lanterns swaying from trees and only white fairly lights. Dull gold and maroon linen with the occasional tint of saffron coloured maple leaves as the underlying motif. Bunches of nargis on the tables, lending their gentle fragrance to the ambience. Ideally, with a water body,in which hundreds of candles are shimmering.

Gentle music in the background, Jazz by Louiz Banks, Sitar and Jal Tarang, the mellow sounds of flowing water. A perfect foil for the murmured sounds of conversation.

Indian (Mixed) and Continental food served to the accompaniment of sherbets,juices and kahwa will be a gastronomical delight. Desserts must include a hint of saffron in them, to gel with the underlying theme.

The bride in rust and gold.Chinarleaves scattered on herlehenga.Delicate filigreed jewellery with rubies and emeralds. Maroon marigolds adorning her hair.The groom in an off-white Jodhpuri suit.Their setting with the water behind them.

They exchange their vows under a flowered canopy as the stars shine down and bless them.

An Autumn Wedding to cherish.


How to Plan a Destination Wedding

by Rachna4. January 2013 02:52

Make your wedding an adventure! Plan a destination wedding and get hitched somewhere scenic and exciting. Your wedding guests won't forget your destination wedding either! Getting married abroad is like combining your honeymoon and your wedding ceremony and including your friends and family!




1. Selection of the Location - The location of your destination wedding is a place that will forever be near and dear to your heart, so make sure you pick a place that you love and is romantic and meaningful to your relationship. Do your research and check the weather of where you are going so that you pick the best time of year for your big day. Bali is an amazing locale that lots of couples are choosing for their weddings right now, but the rainy season in December and January can put a real damper on your gorgeous ceremony, so make sure to check it out first.

2. Budgeting – You should be clear on how much you want to spend on the whole wedding. Deciding on the number of guests, venue, travel, and accommodation and Wedding events. Keep an extra amount for all the heads separate and then go for shopping. You can always narrow down your choices while "shopping."

3. Guest list – This is the most important part of your destination wedding. A destination wedding is much more intimate than a large, grand wedding, and intimacy is the key reason destinations are so popular, whether you have a guest list of 10 or 100. Figure out each guest's probable schedule and location. You want to plan your wedding to accommodate your high priority guests.

4.  Wedding Packages – There are various destination wedding packages available with the wedding planners. Look for an all inclusive package that takes care of anything to everything related to your destination wedding. May it be transport, accommodation, licenses or anything else.

5. Get local help – Try to talk to the local vendors there if your package does not include everything. It will become easier if you have a local help as you must not know everything about that area.

6. Marriage requirements – You should be sure of various wedding ceremonies you want for your wedding, so that you are prepared for various requirements for the ceremonies. If you are traveling abroad for the wedding you must know how things work there and should be ready with all the documents required there.

7. Know the Place – It is very important to know the place beforehand so that your guests should not have any discomfort and also you can guide them with their itinerary. Reach few days early and walk through everything that your guests will have do, including check-in at the hotel, finding a place to eat, getting to and from the airport and where the wedding is held.

8. Cross Check – After everything has been done and the date of your wedding is approaching, make sure to double-check all reservations and services. Also keep in mind to send thank you notes to everyone who helped you in anything. 


Ten Points that makes wedding a Luxury Wedding

by rachna19. December 2012 22:37

1. Wedding Planner: Investing in a wedding planner’s expertise to organize wedding décor, guest management, catering, entertainment, photography, gifts, coordination with the vendors, etc. The idea is to be a ‘Guest at your own functions’ and enjoy the festivities instead of getting swamped with work.

2. Destination: Destination weddings are a trend these days. Exotic, unusual and comfortable locations, be it a valley amidst waterfalls & orchids, or a beach with a backdrop of sun and sand, or a palace with royal treatments, the idea is to turn the wedding into a ‘mini vacation’ and make it a magical and memorable experience.

3. Food: Wine and Food pairings for small intimate gatherings are well appreciated and are getting popular now. The guests now want quality food to go with the wedding theme instead of having 100 dishes on the menu.

4. Theme, Décor, Style: Simple, minimalistic yet elegant! Wedding Décors have moved away from loud and garish settings to something more simple yet powerful.

5. Entertainment & Choreography: Bollywood actors, singers, dancers! However the new trend now is to get regional folk musicians and dancers to add that extra touch to the ceremony. Flawless execution, proper choreography, sound, light, laser shows, fireworks make the experience memorable.

6. Guest List: The guest list is what makes the party… The glitterati, film stars, politicians, models, singers, now join in the celebrations like never before.

7. Photography: Documenting your wedding through candid moments! Gone are the days of posed pictures, photographers now specialize in capturing candid shots and put it together in the form of a coffee table book or an album.

8. Video Films: A film of your own wedding! The bride and groom are the lead actors of the film, while the family and friends talk about their experiences and thoughts on camera. Best of cinematographers, editors & directors work on the films, using top-of-the-line equipment to give a film on HD platform. A 3D version of the film is also an option.

9. Web Telecast of wedding functions: That’s what the technology brings in for the guests and friends who are unable to attend the event.

10. Designer Weddings: Creating tasteful and timeless weddings, tailored to reflect the personal style of the couple. Various well known fashion designers, free lance stylists are working on weddings and giving it the glam touch.


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