Ten Points that makes wedding a Luxury Wedding

by rachna19. December 2012 22:37

1. Wedding Planner: Investing in a wedding planner’s expertise to organize wedding décor, guest management, catering, entertainment, photography, gifts, coordination with the vendors, etc. The idea is to be a ‘Guest at your own functions’ and enjoy the festivities instead of getting swamped with work.

2. Destination: Destination weddings are a trend these days. Exotic, unusual and comfortable locations, be it a valley amidst waterfalls & orchids, or a beach with a backdrop of sun and sand, or a palace with royal treatments, the idea is to turn the wedding into a ‘mini vacation’ and make it a magical and memorable experience.

3. Food: Wine and Food pairings for small intimate gatherings are well appreciated and are getting popular now. The guests now want quality food to go with the wedding theme instead of having 100 dishes on the menu.

4. Theme, Décor, Style: Simple, minimalistic yet elegant! Wedding Décors have moved away from loud and garish settings to something more simple yet powerful.

5. Entertainment & Choreography: Bollywood actors, singers, dancers! However the new trend now is to get regional folk musicians and dancers to add that extra touch to the ceremony. Flawless execution, proper choreography, sound, light, laser shows, fireworks make the experience memorable.

6. Guest List: The guest list is what makes the party… The glitterati, film stars, politicians, models, singers, now join in the celebrations like never before.

7. Photography: Documenting your wedding through candid moments! Gone are the days of posed pictures, photographers now specialize in capturing candid shots and put it together in the form of a coffee table book or an album.

8. Video Films: A film of your own wedding! The bride and groom are the lead actors of the film, while the family and friends talk about their experiences and thoughts on camera. Best of cinematographers, editors & directors work on the films, using top-of-the-line equipment to give a film on HD platform. A 3D version of the film is also an option.

9. Web Telecast of wedding functions: That’s what the technology brings in for the guests and friends who are unable to attend the event.

10. Designer Weddings: Creating tasteful and timeless weddings, tailored to reflect the personal style of the couple. Various well known fashion designers, free lance stylists are working on weddings and giving it the glam touch.


7 creative ideas for wedding reception

by YunaWeddings16. December 2012 22:32

Do you want to create a memorable wedding reception? Here are seven different wedding reception food styles for a creative wedding reception.



Kerela- as 'honeymoon' destination

by YunaWeddings13. December 2012 21:41

Honeymoon is the time when couples experience the initial bonding between themselves. It’s their initial opportunity to better understand each other and make stronger the bonds of love between them. Read more: http://tinyurl.com/bwqwg26


12/12/12 : Amazing wedding date for Mumbai couple

by YunaWeddings11. December 2012 22:58

 Couples may be rushing down the aisle on 12/12/12 in hope of an auspicious union, but one Indian bride and groom can claim an even rarer set of special dates. Read more: http://tinyurl.com/byp6fap<


Farmhouse wedding function brings Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway to crawl

by YunaWeddings7. December 2012 03:07

Weddings may not always bring happiness. Last week, Traffic came to a crawl on the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway as number of weddings were organized in farmhouses converted to marriage venues along the highway. Read more: http://tinyurl.com/cuoawf2


Fabulous floral pomaders for wedding functions

by YunaWeddings3. December 2012 22:47

Floral decorations are a mainstay of any wedding. If you really love fresh flowers, it can be fun to think beyond the basic bouquets and centerpieces and embrace other forms of floral design. http://tinyurl.com/cg9xmr7



Fabulous floral pomaders for wedding functions

by YunaWeddings3. December 2012 22:47

Floral decorations are a mainstay of any wedding. If you really love fresh flowers, it can be fun to think beyond the basic bouquets and centerpieces and embrace other forms of floral design. http://tinyurl.com/cg9xmr7/a>

Indian wedding jewelry trends - 2012

by YunaWeddings2. December 2012 22:56

In 2012 sparkling diamonds is the predominant trend for Indian weddings. There are many reasons for this enhanced popularity of diamond. Read more: 


Vidya Balan to have a South Indian and a Punjabi style wedding function

by YunaWeddings29. November 2012 22:33

Vidya Balan will marry Siddharth Roy Kapur on Dec 14, preparations for their wedding are in full swing. Spilling the beans on the ongoing wedding planning in the Balan household, the source said, "Preparations are on in full swing at both households".

Read More: http://tinyurl.com/bloc3uo


Favor suggestion for Indian wedding function

by YunaWeddings22. November 2012 22:32

Are you arranging an Indian wedding function? During weddings, giving wedding favors are also customary in the Indian culture. Same with the general concept wedding favors are meant to express gratitude and appreciation for the time and blessings of the guests to the new couple.



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